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How to take care of your car in winters?

A car is an important investment and can be considered as a biggest asset. This is very essential to understand various ways to protect the car during these freezing days of winters. Creating a checklist for an automotive ensures safety during harsh weather of winters and hazardous conditions of road.

Firstly, take care of batteries because they are the heart of a car and during winters there is a great need of reliable batteries. Have a test from qualified technicians to ensure that it starts properly even in freeze conditions. Do not forget to carefully inspect the batteries for defects and cracks. Avoid gunk and acid by scrubbing them properly with pasty baking soda mixtures and apply it with toothbrush. Check the fluid level or oil level and filter it after every 3,000 miles. Inspect them properly for any clogs or leakages and check the ignition system. Gas tank should be checked properly to prevent any freezing in the fuel line.

In winters, it is very necessary to check the performance of beaks because roads are very slippery during this weather. The windshield wipers must be taken care of, by replacing old blades with no-freeze blades. Wax and wash the body of the car to prevent paint damage and rust. To protect the car from freezing use lubricates trunk locks and door, this helps in avoiding frozen locks. Make sure that the car is equipped with high quality tyres and with recommended pressure. Routine checking of tyre pressure during winters is always recommended by the car care professionals.

Carefully check the hoses and belts to avoid any kind of cracks, bulges or leaks to ensure safety while driving on slippery roads. Keep the lights in proper working condition and replace any burnt out light. Another best option to prevent car from various emergencies try to join some classes in a motor club to get prepared for the unexpected.

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