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Often a car fails its MOT test because of a simple fault that's easily solved. 





Check if all lights are working correctly. This includes: 


  • Rear lights 

  • Fog lights

  • Brake lights

  • Indicator lights

  • Hazard lights


 If you've any bulbs that have blown, check your car’s manual to see if you can replace them yourself.


Check that all warning lights on your dash are working too.




Vehicle body and tyres

Take a look at the petrol inlet filler cap. The petrol inlet is where the fuel goes, and the filler cap is what you screw onto it. Look out for any damage to the seal around the cap.

Check if the horn works. It should be loud and clear.

Test the brakes, handbrake and steering wheel. The steering wheel shouldn’t feel loose, and the handbrake shouldn’t pull up too high.

Check all tyres are the correct pressure. Also, check if the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm – the legal limit.



Windows and mirrors 

Nothing should obstruct your view of the road. Check wiper blades for damage. If they're worn, you can replace them yourself using your vehicle handbook for reference. 

Remove sat nav cradles, stickers and air fresheners if they block your view. 

Mirrors should be secure and intact.



Cleaning your car 

Registration plates must be readable and in good condition. If you own a personalised number plate, make sure it still meets the DVLA’s requirements.

Make sure the car is presentable, inside and out. If your car is dirty and full of clutter the tester can refuse to carry out the inspection.



These Simple steps could make all the difference in your car failing or passing its MOT.


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