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 How To Tackle Road Side Emergencies




While driving on the road there is always a minimal risk whether you will get safely to your destination.

Properly dealing with the emergency situations is a matter of life and death. How to deal with a worst situation must be known to everyone especially while driving.



Possible different situations like a cracked windscreen, tyre blowouts, aquaplaning, brake failure or car fires. All these can give you the scare of your life, So it’s better to have some knowledge before going out in the car.


Cracked screens are occurred because of cold weather or in some cases when the cars windscreen has a little chip, it is good practice to get the chip repaired if small enough or get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any such situation.


Aquaplaning occurs when the car doesn’t remain in the contact with the surface of the road this can be because you are travelling too fast for the weather conditions or the build up of the water is deeper than the tyres depth and unable to disperse the water quick enough, To deal with the situation allow the car to slow down by removing the foot from accelerator, do not touch your brakes, just let the car slow down naturally and be prepared that the water doesn't pull your car to the near or offside depending where the water is lying.


Brake failure is one of the worst emergency situations. This can be countered with by getting the car serviced on the regular basis. In case of brake failure try the handbrake or change the gear to the lower level to slow the car, you may have to be prepared to damage your car,  this is no way a recommended way to stop the car and prevent injury to yourself or another member of the public but if you are able to slow it down gradually through the gears then that is fine, if you need to stop quickly and the handbrake is not helping be prepared to use the crash barrier if on a motorway or dual carriageway by gentle brushing up against the barrier using friction between your car and the barrier to stop, if on a main road or lane take advantage of a hedge, again using the same principle but avoid doing this if there are any substantially sized trees as they will cause your car to stop suddenly, yes your car could be damaged or even written off but at least you will be alive!


The tyre blowouts while driving a car at speed is really dangerous as it leads to the loss of direction and control on the car. If one of the tyres of the car blows out keep the hold firmly on steering wheel and slowdown the car by putting it into the lowest gear. React quickly but calmly in this situation.

Try to bring the car to standstill on the roadside. To avoid this altogether get the tyres checked regularly.


Car on fire. The main reason behind this is the faulty wiring.

If you suspects it just get out of the car as fast and safely as possible. To realize this thing is not easy. Some of the warning signs include smell of burning something toxic or plastic and in some cases the smoke also comes out from the vents. Stop the car immediately on the road if sense the danger of fire, turn the ignition off and try to get the hold of the fire extinguisher if present in the car. Keep a distance from the car after calling the fire brigade.

If the fire is under the bonnet, try to extinguish the fire without lifting it fully up as this just provides the fire with more oxygen, you should only really tackle the fire if you know it can be easily put out,  if you have any concerns just call 999 and wait for trumpton to arrive, why risk your life? the car is insured and can be replaced.



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