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How To Keep Your Engine Intact 



Faithfully washing a car every weekend is most favorable doing of a passionate car driver. This is but only external maintenance! What about cleaning and maintaining the car under bonnet? Yes, it is the car engine which is being talked about.

Changing engine oil after every 6,000miles to 8,000miles run is the most basic step towards sustaining better health of  any car.

New cars supposedly allow more miles run between oil changes time line. Using synthetic oils can help in retaining engine’s efficiency to greater extent as these oils have lower break down rate in comparison to other oils obtainable from marketplace.

Entry of even minute dirt particles in engine creates an impact on its overall working. In order to get rid of such difficulty, it is better to change oil filter timely. Changing only engine oil and having gummed up oil filter is of no use at all! Best way is to change both oil filters as well as engine oil simultaneously for perfectly moving car!

Checking the level of oil is another imperative thing in keeping the engine in properly working manner. As soon as a car is brought in, its bonnet must be lifted up and positioning of oil dipstick must be checked. For checking it, the oil dipstick can be easily pulled out, wiped off and then put back in position. Against driving seat is an engine oil meter, which denotes the quantity of oil available.

Always make sure that the oil amount does not exceed full level ‘F’ and is not below minimum level ‘E’. Both, overflowing oil and its fewer amounts can hinder the performance of an engine, making it less effectual.
Dark coloured stains on dipstick is symbol of improper functioning of engine and is most often carbon deposits. A properly maintained engine is supported with clear yellow, golden color dipstick tone. To check possible leaks, the torch can be used to check the car from underneath.

Besides cleaning the antifreeze, the level of coolant in engine must also be maintained at an adequate level. Presence of engine oil in area of coolant is an indication of arising problem in radiator. It may lead to problem of blowing of head gasket or leakage in fluid cooler.

Along with inspecting the idle parts of engine, it is better to listen to engine’s sound while driving. A too loud engine roar is not at all good!

Timely inspecting hoses and belts and other rubber parts is also essential for fine tuning of engine. To make a car functioning truly superbly, it is better if readers get familiar with electrical components of car too.


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