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 Become a Detective Check out a Cars life History 

In this blog I would like to share with you a Free quick and easy way of checking any cars MOT history, this is just one of my tools I use when I am sourcing a second hand vehicle to buy.


All you want to do is buy a car that is hopefully reliable and only needs wearing parts to keep it on the road for years to come.

Making the correct decision on any vehicle purchase can be mind blowing but by using this simple app could prevent or at least reduce the risk of buying a nail.


The app i'm going to share with you is one I always use when I first see a potential car purchase, the information the app provides quickly make the decision for me as to whether or not to take the next step and have a test drive.


I have found numerous sellers selling basically crap, in the hope that you will see a nice clean shinny car and buy it, leaving you with endless break down costs and repairs, 

Don't get me wrong its not full proof but doing a bit of detective work at the beginning can save a lot of search time and potential heartache later down the line.


The App I want to talk about is called 'Vehicle Smart'


This nice little App has loads of features, some of which you will have to pay for such as carrying out an HPI check or seeing if the car has ever been stolen or an insurance write off.


On this blog I just want to concentrate on one aspect that the app provides and this is the Free MOT history inc. advisories & failures.


Now just by simply typing in the registration number of the vehicle it will quickly show you every single MOT .


It has a colour code on the dates, Green meaning it passed, Orange meaning it passed but had an advisory or Red meaning it failed.


For this purpose I am showing you my vehicle, lot of advisory on it but come on she is 17 years old, an old lady now but so reliable I just keep her going.




This is the first indicator I use when considering to buy a car, would be great if it was all green but just because it has an advisory should not put you off, some of them might just say brakes getting low or tyres close to the legal limit.



The second indicator is the one that makes or breaks my decision as to take the next step in having a physical look at the car or just moving on to the next one.

By clicking on the advisory it will say what the car has an issue with or what it failed on, Don't forget a car could have a Red failed advisory for having a brake light out so have a good look.


Well this is the last MOT test again on my beautiful lady. 

Now if I was considering looking at buying this car I might be being a bit biased but to me for a 17 year old car those advisories are just normal wear and tear, easily fixable not too expensive to replace and may even get through another 12 months as it may have not got any worse.



Red Fails or Advisories that I use as a make or break are the following.


Excessive rust to the chassis or body work.


Oil Leaks ( Unfortunately it does not specify where the leak comes from but alarm bells should start to ring, Rocker cover leaks not a major problem, head gasket or gear box leaks are a definite walk away for me so if I see any car with an advisory saying oil leak is enough for me to move on.)


Excessive smoke or close to emissions limit (Another walk away for me, engine problems, turbo problems, why risk it.)  


Play in Steering racks, (Yes could be easily fixed and technically a wearing part especially on the fiesta but expensive to replace.)


Conclusion of the App.

A great little tool to have handy when looking at buying a second hand car, can give you a little look into the type of life the vehicle has had, please remember there are hundreds of cars out there without any major advisories, why risk it, just move on to the next, keep doing your checks and the right one will tick all your boxes.

I always use this one method, its sad to see and makes me angry when I see a few dealers happy to pass any rubbish onto the general public so you have to do your own detective work.


Well I hope this blog was of some use, if you would like to see my profile including current vehicles  I have for sale then please visit my website 

If I can help with any enquiry you have then please get in touch, leave a comment below on my blog or ring me on 01902283094




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